The Perfect Prescription For A Thriving Business

Kelley Drug & Selections founders Karen & James Kelly share their Rx for a thriving business with new owner Jay Gulley.

Whether it was prescription needs, pharmacy expertise, gift selections or a sweet treat from the old-fashioned soda fountain, Kelley Drug & Selections remains the place to experience the best of Desha County. Kelley Drug & Selections, owned and operated by James and Karen Kelley, was purchased by Jay Gulley. Jay is a pharmacist and owner of The Transplant Pharmacy in nearby Jackson, Mississippi. Gulley said he was drawn to the McGehee opportunity as it allowed him to diversify his pharmacy businesses by including a general pharmacy in his business portfolio. “I love independent pharmacy and trying to provide a level of care not found at any other pharmacy. This purchase allows me to expand the reach of pharmaceutical care that I can currently provide, and it also affords me the opportunity to continue the legacy that the Kelley family started of providing excellent care to the wonderful people of McGehee,” Jay Gulley said of the acquisition.  

While national reports show rural counties are shrinking, CBI knew the importance of anchor businesses like Kelley Drug to small communities as it was the only pharmacy in the town. CBI overcame what some might describe as a challenging market by creating a unique value proposition and actively leveraging its vast buyer network and online seller channels.  

“The sale of our drugstore to Jay Gulley is the ending to our American dream. As a young couple, our dream was to own and run our own drugstore.  We have enjoyed the journey, as well as, worked hard to make our dream successful. Now, we will be able to retire and enjoy our family and travel a bit,” explained James Kelley. “We appreciate Shep Campbell and CBI for their help in finding a good fit in a buyer. CBI was instrumental in searching and finding the perfect buyer for us. Jay has the same values and goals as we have had and that means a lot to us. It is very important to the town to continue to be a place that the community can depend on,” Kelley added.