Is it the right time to sell your business?

  • Check the business sale market and your businesses position. Are businesses such as yours selling now and, if so, who are the buyers and how and why are they buying?
  • How are they paying for businesses such as yours?
  • Cash? Selling a business for all cash at closing is pretty rare and there are good reasons why that is so?
  • Stock? Smart business buyers will want to use their stock value to pay for your business. Why is that sometimes very risky for you and your business?
  • Owner Finance? Almost all “Main Street” business sales have some owner financing as part of the purchase price. Structuring to ensure you are paid is critical.
  • Third party financing? Banks don’t like business acquisition loans and as asset-based lenders, they will generally not finance the Goodwill of your business, something you must be paid for. How do you get paid for Goodwill?