Selling Businesses and Business Assets

An auction environment is the only place to sell something for more than you might have asked for it.  And, in business, there are times when the value of the parts exceeds the value of the whole.  CBI Team provides expert support and end-to-end management to help sellers and lenders dispose of assets and earn maximum value.  Candidates for CBI Team’s LAP program encompass several business scenarios including:

Inventory Value Exceeds Income Produced

Businesses with high value assets that exceed income produced or fair ROI such as company's with real property equipment and inventory worth $1 million but earns $60k annually.

Closed Businesses

Closed businesses that have valuable assets.

Seized Businesses

Profitable businesses requiring quick liquidation; forfeited or lender seized businesses.

LAP is an industry-leading service based on the CBI Team’s 20+ years of experience selling businesses and divesting assets.  With our in-house business valuation, sales and licensed auctioneers, we can deliver more value in compressed timelines.  


  • CBI Selects optimum date, time and location for maximum appeal for your auction.

  • CBI assesses resource needs and, if necessary, secures a professional team from within CBI’s network to set up the auction and prepare the location for auction day.

Promotion & Marketing

  • CBI social selling begins with marketing across our massive database to more than 20,000 business owners and buyers.

  • An additional, targeted, advertising campaign is created and may include, internet ads, social media, print publications, flyers, direct mail, email campaigns and other high-touch tactics.

  • In some cases, we may simulcast the auction to reach bidders around the globe.


  • CBI selects award-winning auctioneers with industry expertise for bid calling.

    • While CBI maintains a licensed auctioneer and auction house, only the finest bid callers are used while we manage the process.

Turn-Key Support

  • On sale day, CBI provides all necessary personnel including cashiers, ring men, loaders and any others needed.

  • Once the sale is complete and all accounts are settled, CBI delivers a check for the proceeds.  

  • CBI strives for same day payout and can generally achieve that goal.

  • Following the sale, CBI manages the load out and clean up.

Live auction costs vary widely depending on size, location, content, local laws, advertising needs, crew size and more.  Like traditional auctioneers, CBI charges a percentage of the sales amount for our fee.  Unlike others, all expenses are included in our fee.  So instead of paying a fee plus expenses as. is customary, CBI charges a flat fee that includes everything so it is in CBI’s interest (as well as yours) to sell for top dollar.

CBI is a full-service vendor.  Once you select CBI, the only thing left for you to do is collect a check.

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